Emotional Literacy

For Business

We think personal development equals business development.

Are you ready?

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Coaching is a way of maximising performance.

We help people in business to maximise their performance by deploying their emotions more intelligently. 

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Emotion Drives all human behaviour.

This dictates how we respond at every turn.

Coaching can help you To respond, differently.

Our Programmes

How long did it take you to get as good as you are at what you do?
Chances are it took some time and required some work.
If you are looking to develop greater confidence, make more effective decisions, be more creative, lead yourself and others more powerfully, or simply live a life of deeper meaning, it’s time to get a coach.

For Individuals

One-to-one coaching. People come into coaching seeking changes in behaviour. The delivery system for those changes is the relationship between the coach and the client. The relational approach can make a big difference. 

Communications coaching. There can be a gap between the way you come across, and the way other people see you. Gaining insight into demeanour can be crucial in any environment where it is important to build trust. Our unique approach to communications coaching, will help you see what you can’t.

For Groups

Peer to peer coaching. If you want to learn, teach. Peer-to-peer coaching under supervision is our real time, applied and effective methodology for anyone seeking to bring a coaching approach to maximising performance, for their clients, colleagues, or whoever is relevant to them.

Group systems coaching. The group dynamic can promote change, fast. Change can also be difficult. Systems coaching focuses on the network of relationships rather than the individuals within it, in order to facilitate the easiest possible transition towards change. 

For organisations

Strategy. It’s good to have a plan. The enemy of a creative innovative and effective plan is groupthink. Your coach can help you to avoid groupthink and bring a different level of criticality to your work on strategy.

Culture. When you put all the power points, branding, and social media to one side, how does it feel to work in your organisation? Would you like it to feel different? Culture is a feeling. It is a reflection of the feelings of those who lead the organisation. Which is why emotional literacy can help change culture.

Client development. The way you make your clients feel really matters. If you want to find out more about how your clients feel, to develop deeper long-term sustainable relationships, it starts with emotional literacy.

Meet our Coaches

Julian Danobeitia

We are what we practice, which is why coaching can help to sustainably change behaviour.

When I first came across coaching, I was probably the most resistant client any coach could have. Luckily my coach stuck by me until I was able to see what was really in the way, was me. That was a long time ago, and since then I have had the privilege of helping others to go beyond what they thought was possible.

If I can find a new perspective, so can you. 

Lara Danobeitia

I give my clients the confidence to come across as authentic and engaging, wherever they are and whoever they’re with.  

After 15 years as an actor, I now use what I have learned, to help you feel comfortable and in control. It’s not about acting, it’s about allowing people to see the best of who you really are. For more than twenty years I have had the privilege of working with CEOs, politicians and leaders, helping them energise and envigorate the way they communicate with their stakeholders, in order to achieve their desired outcomes.

I would be thrilled to help you do the same.

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