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For Business

We think personal development equals business development.

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Down the Corridor

Coaching is a way of maximising performance regardless of the environment or outcomes you wish to achieve.

We set up Down The Corridor to help people in business achieve their desired outcomes by deploying their emotions more intelligently.

Emotion Drives all human behaviour.

How we feel dictates how we respond to every aspect of our lives.

Coaching can help you to respond, differently.

Our Programmes

If you are looking to show up with greater confidence, make more effective decisions, be more creative, lead yourself and others more powerfully, or simply live a life of deeper meaning then our programmes are suited for you. 

For Individuals

One-to-one coaching. Coaching is a relationship, full stop. The delivery system for the changes in behaviour that the client six from coaching, is the relationship between the coach and the client. One-to-one coaching is at the heart of what we do. To find out more click here.

A/V coaching. There is usually a gap between the way I think I come across on the way out to see me. In any environment where is important to build trust and credibility, the exploration of demeanour is a valuable resource nvestment. To find out more click here.

For Groups

Group coaching. The group dynamic accelerates insight, understanding, and trust – essential pre-requisites for the healthy functioning of any high performing team.

Peer to peer coaching. If you want to learn, teach. Peer-to-peer coaching under supervision is a real time, applied and effective methodology for anyone seeking to bring a coaching approach to maximising performance, for their clients, colleagues, or whoever is relevant to them.

Systems coaching. Change can be difficult. Systems coaching focuses on the network of relationships rather than the individuals within it, in order to facilitate the easiest possible transition towards change. 

For organisations

Strategy – a direction of travel. It’s good to have a plan. The enemy of A creative innovative and effective plan is groupthink. What you need is a devils advocate. Click here to find out more.

Culture – is a feeling. When you put all the power points, branding, and social media to one side, how does it feel in your organisation? Would you like it to feel different? Click here to find out more.

Client development. The way you make your clients feel really matters. if you want to find out more about how they feel, and use that feedback to develop deeper long-term sustainable relationships with clients, click here.

Meet our Coach

Julian Danobeitia 

How long has it taken you to get as good as you are, at what you do? Chances are, it took a while and required some work. How long have you spent developing yourself as a leader? Probably not as long? Developing any new skill takes time and requires practice. Coaching is a way of accelerating the process of learning any new skill, including leadership, in order to powerfully exceed your own expectations.

When I came across coaching, I was full of expectations. Adamant, in fact. I was a lawyer, that was all I was ever going to be, I hated coaching, hated coaches, and was probably the worst client any coach might have the misfortune to work with. Luckily, those working with me could see beyond my own expectations, and eventually, I was able to see that what was really in the way, was me. That was a long time ago, and since then I have had the privilege of helping others exceed their own expectations too.

If I can find a new perspective, so can you. 

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