Where we are asked to adopt the ROI based approach to working with our clients (or coaches we develop), clients are longitudinally assessed for three separate flows of data.

• The first involves is quantative and involves EEG. We measure alpha asymmetry, pre and post each coaching session. Each client first undergoes a preliminary brain assessment to calibrate a baseline using our EEG. Then at the start and finish of each session, alpha asymmetry will be assessed, eyes open, eyes closed and under task, again as per BCIA (www.bcia.com), using our EEG. We have developed algorithms and unobtrusive hardware to acquire, and aggregate the pre frontal EEG seamlessly and continuously in real time. Across the aggregated sum of all EEG measures, we look for EEG patterns that manifest themselves when the client is being metacognitive.

• The second flow is qualitative and involves the measurement of metacognition through self - report (Beck cognitive Inisight Scale). Clients are assessed pre and post coaching programme (and six months post programme) for changes in their levels of metacognition.

• The third involves third party report using 360. Per Nowack et al, ((Nowack, K. M., & Mashihi, S. (2012). Evidence-based answers to 15 questions about leveraging 360-degree feedback. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 64(3), 157)), this data flow must be used with caution. Pre and post - test and also six months after test.

Where we are developing coaches, sessions are recorded to critically assess the coaches approach as PEA/NEA. In addition qualitative client interviews are used to assess the clients experience for PEA/NEA.

To get a copy of the research supporting our ROI based approach, email: julian@downthecorridor.com