If you are a professional adviser, please, do me a favor. watch the video below. As you are watching and listening, swap the words "mother" and "infant" for "adviser" and "client”.

The video features Allan Schore, a leading neuro psychologist. He has done ground breaking work in a number of areas, including that of relationship and its impact on the brain. In this clip you will see a mother and a baby at play, with Schore articulating a very clear message based on good neuro science.

The message is this. Relationships change brains. At a profound level. Not just during infancy, but throughout our lives. Professional advisors who do not attend to the way they make their clients feel, risk creating their most important commercial relationships by accident. This can be a very costly habit.

Coaching for professional advisers is a way of creating client relationships on purpose. This is why we run coaching programmes for professional advisers.

As a law student, I wish I had been asked to watch this video in full on the first day of training. I wish I had then been frequently reminded of it throughout my legal career. I wonder how many clients might hold the same opinion?