Why don’t law firms listen – A good summary for anyone in BD or CRM in a professional services firm. For me, the best thing about it was that when I read it for the first time, a long time ago, I realized it was not only me who felt this way.

Shop front of the future – I’m like, “OK?” It has some useful stuff for anyone in BD or CRM (or the partners they work for) who does not understand the astonishing increased margin in mining and cross selling to existing clients. Also see key account management by McDonald Woodward published by BH.

The profitable legal department – A good article for in house lawyers, for one reason above all others. The in house function is moving from being a cost centre to a profit centre and early adopters like Thames Water have a really interesting story to tell.

Thinking like your client – A similar document for private practice. It has some great questions and challenges on strategic thinking in law firms. The issue is of course this, As peter Drucker, a really good management consultant once said, “culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Building a law firm business development culture – More good, practical ideas for doing law firm BD. See my comments regarding culture.

Using tax incentives to promote education and training – one for the L and D/HR communities. Its has some good stuff in it if you are thinking of doing people development in a tax efficient way, question is, what does Brexit mean for us here?

SCARF – another one for the L and D/HR community. It is a very good exposition of some of the latest thinking about how to deploy and look at organisations in a new, and more realistic (brain based) way.

Legal process outsourcing – In 2015 a non - law firm got awarded £73M annually of ISDA business by a major bank. What is your thinking around integrating the new people, products and services into what you do as a professional services person, or expect and want as a client?

Winmark 2010

Winmark 2011

Datamonitor 2010

RBS perspective on the legal market 2014

Law society economic value of legal sector 2015

A series of reports on the legal services market. I have included the historic reports because I think it is pretty easy to see the legal services market responds to trends, albeit slowly sometimes. What do you see as the current trends in the market?

The mad clientist’ 15 opportunities for 2016 – Whilst this is a US based Boston Consulting thing, it has some great information on trends coming our way. It has some fantastic examples of how to thoroughly ruin your client experience, and it also contains the pig – chicken joke (as unfunny now as it was the first time I heard it).

Grab the flame – Legal Process outsourcing. It’s a bit salesly, but if you get past that there are some interesting observations on how to kick off an LPO project off.

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